Sunday, 7 December 2014

I didn't get away with it completely

I decided what to do with those corners.
I suppose in my heart of hearts I always knew it was going to be feathers...
I did these slightly differently as the placing was not quite as crucial.
*then not than... sigh
I thought the quilt top had survived the long hot wash without mishap but there are a few signs of damage
 I slid the tips of the scissors so you can see where the applique thread has failed.
 This one will take a little more fixing. I imagine I have to unpick the stem and the red petal it goes underneath and then move the stem over to the left. I fixed four problems last night but we were in our sitting room and I shall need particularly good lighting to sort this out. Or replace the whole leaf but that involves the red flower to the left as well. I am feeling murdrous thoughts to the printer of that red fabric which ran. It has been so long since I finished a large piece of work, I just want to get on with it.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I should explain my absence.

I had got back into the swing of regularly blogging, then things went dreadfully wrong with the appliqué quilt.
I marked the feathers between the pots and then realised I hadn't removed the papers from the outer border. Removing the papers involves soaking the piece. I soaked it, removed the papers, dried it. I then decided I should wash it to remove all the glue..... Why I decided to do this, I don't really know. Normally I leave all the washing until the quilt is finished. At this point I discovered that red in the outer border had run. Why this red ran, I cannot fathom. It had been prewashed without running, it had been soaked to remove the papers without running..... I suppose if it was going to do it at any time, it was better than when the quilt was finished.
It was much worse in real life. And all the way round.
Ferret came to the rescue saying she used Dylon SOS Colour Run. To use this stuff it suggests you wash at 60C  (140F). I feel an appliqué quilt top is quite fragile until it is quilted to support the stitching but really I had no choice. I folded it into four and stitched all round inside the borders. I put it in the machine for a 2 hour cycle. I waited with much gnashing of teeth. It seemed a very long 2 hours. But it is FINE!

So to get back to marking the quilt. First trace your master copy onto freezer paper and iron it to the back of the work.

 Then flip it over
My lightbox is an Ikea glass table top with a lamp on the floor below. It helps if I turn off the lights in the room.

Sorry it hasn't been ironed and beautifully flat. I have yet to decide what I shall put above the dark red appliqué flowers but I like the flower shapes between them. I will probably trapunto them and the appliqués. And I need to come up with an idea for the centre.

I have continued the motif of the flowers out into the border.

I have found I cannot trace for more than 2 or 3 hours a day as my neck starts to get very painful. I hope it doesn't hurt this much once I start quilting.

We have had a warm September and October but this doesn't explain this clematis in flower at the beginning of December.