Monday, 8 December 2008

Design excercises and chocolate

Before I throw these out, I thought I'd share.
These wraps were quite useful in terms of playing with colour proportions. Just take a photo, painting or whatever and wrap threads around a card using the same proportions of the colours. It doesn't matter what the subject is very much, just something where the colours appeal.
And these might be good for some people though not for me. I knew what the effect would be before cutting out the shapes. I know other women who can visualise predictively but if you can't this is an exercise in positive/negative shapes.

And paper cutting, same thing applies.


I think the one on the right was torn rather than cut, less predictable but more of the same really.

And then later to reward myself for more decluttering I had a go at making chocolates. I poured some melted chocolate round these tiny cake cases. Froze them to chill them quickly, added some jersey cream with champagne and then poured more chocolate over the top to seal them. It was worth a try but the cream and chocolate was just too rich.
Anyone have any ideas as to what to do with the rest of the pound of melted chocolate?


  1. use the melted chocolate for a rich evenings entertainment -- have a chocolate fondue party (pick up some fresh fruit and be decadent)

  2. I'm quite happy to take it intravenously if you're stuck.

  3. We used to make chocolates for a fundraiser for church. We made fondants, rolled them in balls and dipped in choc. Then all the leftover choc, ground walnuts, & toasted coconut was mixed together and spooned into tiny papers like the ones you used. We called them nut cups and they were the favorites in the box for many much for all our hard work on the others. I make just the nut cups now...try pecans or almonds, chopped and I like them with raisins added too.

  4. dip strawberries in it.

    what's jersey cream?

  5. Spread the chocolate on Plain digestive biscuits. My own mother used to do this with some of the left over chocolate easter eggs.

  6. As for the exercise books - there does come a time when they've outlived their usefulness. You've inspired me to set mine free...