Monday, 26 April 2010

And for a little laugh

The V and A obviously have a mental image of quilters. The sad thing is I was very tempted........


  1. LOL! I want one! I can join the wheelie bag brigade and use it for my workshop supplies at shows.

    Best they are mega bucks for what they are though. It's the V & A after all...

  2. I know I'm joining the SAGA brigade tomorrow but I do take exception to the image they're hinting at there

  3. I think they're great! I've had a couple, I used them for art supplies back and forth from school. I'd really like another...I destroyed the last one carrying my kids around in it :-)

  4. I had to laugh, Sally - in the V&A, I was carrying a heavy bag that was hurting my neck/shoulders, and fleetingly thought about getting one of these.

    Thanks for your email - I've had a change of direction and will head off tomorrow to stay with Liz Plummer in Wales before going north.