Thursday, 9 September 2010

My experience using the new basting method

It worked very well on the quilt in the foreground. This quilt is only about 40" square and I used Hobbs Wool batting. I used pins instead of hand stitching and was just as happy as I would have been had I done it on the floor.

On the larger quilt in the background, it did not work out as well. This quilt is larger, though not huge. It's about 60" wide and 70" long. I used Quilters Dream Poly ( Microfibers and which cling like cotton batting. This is a good thing as there is less risk of movement between the layers). It started out well but when it came to uncurl the backing, the batting was stopping it big time. I had to bring the batting over from the back unroll the backing fabric, then readjust the batting and then unroll the top fabric. By the time I had done this, the two planks of wood had lost all alignment. As I worked my way through the quilt it did get easier as there was less batting to deal with. All of this would have been much easier with another pair of hands.

I did have to get down on the floor to cut the backing fabric and batting to size. This stage didn't take long but a few months ago whilst I could get down on the floor, I couldn't get back up again.

Would I do it again? Oh yes, but I would have someone around to help. And if I were doing it again, I would not starch the backing fabric, or if I did, I would  do it very gently. 


  1. I love the method! I have not had problems, but I only have warm & Natural batting. I also have thinner boards (more like a 1" x 2" - I got pretreated boards from home depot. Something that I do that is not on the video, is I marked the center of the boards and then mark the center of each end of the quilt with tape. I then tape the end I roll up (this helps with the alignment issues).

  2. Great comment from Kim.
    Its got me wondering what sort of pins you are using Sally.... as I am presently basing with cotton..pins would be easier I think?

  3. What a nice place you have to lay out your fabric.

  4. I use this method, but don't starch and use regular thread. Is easier on the knees than crawling around the floor!

  5. Hi Sally,

    I have been using this method for a few years now - anything to get off the floor.

    After much experimenting I have found that 3inches works the best for me. Larger than that and it gets too bulky. I also mark the centre of the boards and the sides with masking tape to keep everything aligned. At the beginning I tape down the sides as it is hard starting if off on your own.

    Did you use traditional pins or the new tipped ones that everyone is talking about? (havent got my hands on any yet and would love to know how they work.

  6. Sally did you check out my adaptation of this method? I had the same problem with keeping the fabric aligned on the boards, particularly in the middle. If you haven't seen the way I did it you can check it out here.
    Give it a go you may find it works better for you.

  7. Hi Munaiba, I didn't have problems keeping the alignment, just the friction against the microfibre batting. Thanks anyway,