Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It's coming along

It's looking good. The thread is silver Isacord (non metallic) not white as it looks in the photo. I had planned to do it with a row of little circles like I did in Heide's one here, though it would show up more as the thread is a much higher contrast. (scroll to the bottom of that post to see it) and how to do it is here.  I think longarmers call them pebbles, mine are more like fine gravel. Though it is possibly a mistake, not in the effect but these little grains take time, loads and loads of it.

If you click on the photo you will see where I've drawn the feather on the fabric and how I've sewn completely elsewhere. I often do this as when I'm sewing I can see a better way to get nice curves. So why do I draw it all out only to ignore it? Well it gives me a frame work which I may or may not use but I can see the angle of the curves I've drawn and then make the final decision in thread.

The marks shall wash out and the threads will be buried and I'll be a very happy quilter.

I can't believe it has taken me over two years to go back to this format. It's about 12 or 15 inches by 60". I have thought of entering it into the Festival of Quilts though I think their new size restrictions might not allow for this shape. I will have to take a look at the entry forms.

And the quilt that started it all.
I'm amazed at how much my feathers have evolved since this quilt, When Heide Met Sally. I still like the subtlety of the background but I think the 'in your face' contrast of the current one is good too.


  1. Its looking great, the feathers look fantastic against the fabric, really beautiful.

  2. Wow! Doesn't that line of echo quilting make the feathers really pop from the pebbles.

    Can I ask which brand of marker pen do you use?

  3. Hi Amo, you are set as no reply on blogger so I'm answering here. I have written loads on marking and what I use. Just put marking in the little search box and you'll find the relevant posts.

  4. Looks good!

    I'm sure that size format will be OK for FoQ - unless there's something changed (yet again) on the entry forms - doesnt' the 1m minimum apply to only one dimension?

  5. It's a stunning piece, really very impressive and the fabrics you use are very beautiful.

  6. I looks just fantastic. Those feathers are sooooo good.

  7. Hi,

    I found your blog on Diane Gaudynski's. I live in Wisconsin, USA not far from Diane and have taken several of her classes.

    Your work is absolutely LOVELY!

    If any of you out there live in continental Europe, I would love to hear from you. I am planning a trip to Europe next year after I retire and would love to connect with a quilter from another country.

    I belonged to Wisconsin Quilters Inc. This 30 year old organization will be ceasing operations as of 12-31-10. We have started a blog, www.qhinwisconsin.blogspot.com, for folks from the organization and other quilters to make a connection. You can reach me through that blog as I am Linda quilter.

    I will be back on this blog, also, as it is very inspirational.

  8. Wowser!!! This is so simple, yet so striking. I absolutely love it.

  9. Very striking! I think the foq thing is just one side being 1 mtre, but will need to check it out to be sure. They do like to change things around every year!