Thursday, 20 January 2011

Procrastination is a waste of time

but how do you avoid it when you are unsure which route to go down?

I have got a few things done since my last post but not much. I delivered this quilt yesterday to the local quilt group. They pieced it, I marked rough lines for the spines of the feathers, then quilted it. I'm not sure what the plan for it is, maybe for a little raffle or to donate for a cause.

Remember those two skinny quilts I was working on? This is the back of one and I've decided to enter it into a show in the USA, I'll have to wait and see if it gets in or not.

I went to Farnham Maltings Sale and added this haul to my stash. 21 metres of plain white, 21 metres of the cream marble, 3 metres each of the orange and pink marbles, 2 of the red bandana and 6½ of the reproduction print. The threads were a massive bargain from Quilt Direct, I'm sure there were other bargains to be had but I wasn't up to fighting my way through the hoards.
I spent a day adding cotton lace and pretty fabric to our towels, I just wanted a more feminine look to the plain white. Don't think DH is drowning under pink and lace, he has two sets of towels of his own, one taupe and one bright red.

As much as I liked the poppy in the middle of these shapes, I couldn't bring myself to use a bonding method of applique on one of my quilts.  So today I tried this simple flower but even with toning the inside edge of the dark red, I'm not happy. I considered some sort of weaving of the various reds and greens but haven't gone down that route.
So I went back to the original drawing. I think adding these lobes in the middle of the motif could be the answer. I need to sleep on it (or in other words procrastinate some more....).
 I love it when the first tulips are in the shops. These are particularly lovely, pale on the outside and bright on the inside.

Rosie is being oddly still for photographs these days, but strangely her eyes look quite demonic in this one.


  1. Sally just in case you wanted feedback - I love the drawing with the inside lobes. Its definately your style.

  2. Full feathers do it for me in this instance - nothing wrong as such with the flower infill, just the feather loops look better. Yours in procrastination..........

  3. I too like the inside lobes of your drawing. I do love all your feathers. Hope you get that quilt to the USA - you deserve it...oh and I am so envious of all that fabric :)

  4. I sometimes find that procrastination is a thinking process.
    Enjoy the process.


  5. Love your blog, Sally. You never
    fail to add a laugh and a smile to
    my mornings. And, of course, your
    work is sensational.

  6. Hi Sally I am enjoying your post all of the projects going on just perfect to keep one creative and busy ,I especially liked your fabric haul I wish we had fabric stores for quilters over here ,I am looking for an economic site for buying fabric and one that ships to Greece I figure the postage might be cheaper comming from the u.k if you have eny recomendations let me know,xoxo theodora

  7. I happened on your website (looking for an applique pattern that is comprized of xmas fabric looking like dinner plates on wooden stands.

    Anyway I wanted to let you know that I love your picture of Rosie.

  8. Good job I didn't know about a fabric sale at The Maltings! Saving my pennies for UnRavel there in Feb. You have your own little panther in Rosie - she's amazing!