Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Life goes on

Even if quilting is only in my head, but I did buy some super fabrics at the Maltings sale.
 I had limited myself to only buying ombres but then I found this super fabric on the Crafty Quilter stand. I have some in another colurway, not sure what I'll do with it yet but it is fun to ponder.
Then I found this wonderful print with birds, I can never say no to birds can I? I have this in the green colourway but this red is stupendous!
Another fabric I can never say no to are good Turkey reds. I'd seen this online and it never looked like it was the right red, but then seeing it in person..... What's a girl to do? I bought all they had left.
And I found this super large scale 30's print to go on my Heart's Desire border on the Esther Aliu quilt which I am still aiming to finish once all the decoration at home is done and dusted.
And of course I found some ombres, not too many but enough to play with.
I has been cold here and I found the ice on the outside of the conservatory absolutely beautiful. I am keeping it up above freezing on the inside to protect my plants, but outside it went down to -4°C. Nothing like one of my Facebook friends in Edmunton, Canada, where they went down to -40°C. That doesn't even seem possible!
One of  the rooms in need of redecoration is the laundry room. Years ago it got papered and was Fliss's little playroom and then DH used it for a while as an office. Finally I claimed it back as the laundry but the little girls wall paper remained. You can see a bit of it left under the far end of the wall cupboards.
That is the first time that washing machine has been moved since it arrived. So many men thought it a challenge and then gave up but the Mighty Mike who is a strong as he looks moved it around to decorate behind it. Finished photos will follow. I have had enough of disorganisation and long for the day everything is back where it should be. We have had carpets laid in two bedrooms and all the stuff from those rooms is in what was my studio. I want my life back......
Someone ate the post this morning..... I don't care how sorry he is about it, he is in the dog house...


  1. Love your new fabrics especially the bird one. Your laundry room is going to be wonderful.

  2. Sally, I hope your life gets back to normal soon. I think your dog has been unfairly accused, though; he's obviously very sad that you'd think him capable of destroying anything. ;)

  3. our Pepper likes to punch holes in the post...or rather would like to do so to the postman. So, we got one of those letter box things and put on the wall next to the door. It has a tube underneath for the free paper. Now at least bills and important letters are left whole.

    The pizza leaflet delivery person hasn't worked it out yet. But it is his fingers he is risking.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  4. There was a fabric sale at The Maltings? Wish I'd known about that but perhaps it was better for my bank balance that I didn't! Wonderful fabrics you got there.

    Poor doggy, look at that face, how can he be anything but contrite?

  5. Nice fabrics! I'm glad my dogs aren't the only mail eaters!!

  6. I know when I was busy cleaning and reorganizing all through November and December, Dolly was upset by it all. Your poor pup probably feels the same way. I bet too many changes made him take it out on the newspaper. Don't be too hard on him. They'll print another post.