Saturday, 8 December 2012

I had been waiting so long for this to arrive...

and was getting very impatient.
It became rapidly obvious when we moved in that all our stuff just doesn't fit.Toad Hall was larger and had a double garage which was wider and deeper than standard and a garden shed. Now we just have a shed and a loft for the house overflow. Our kitchen has been badly designed not only in use of space but also in ergonomic terms. It is an L shaped room, with a seating area in one end of the L, a dining area in the far end of the L and the kitchen area in the corner. The kitchen range is on an opposite wall to the sink and that is about a 10 foot walk between the hob and the sink. This is dangerous as this is also the route between the sitting area and the dining area. Imagine me with my weak hands carrying a pan of boiling water to the sink whilst someone else is walking from either the hallway or the sitting area. Disaster waiting to happen.

So the new kitchen is being installed in January and all the kitchen stuff in the container down the hill can be bought up once this is finished.

Meanwhile I could still go ahead and order the large dresser for the dining area. It was commissioned way back in October and only arrived today. It is huge! Three metres long (10 foot give or take). All that storage, and now we can get the Christmas decorations out this week.

This was the space before.
And how it is now. We still haven't got the knobs for this as I think I want the same as the new kitchen but this is still under discussion. Luckily I had a dozen knobs we could use temporarily. I was worried I couldn't open the drawers but I have invented a duck tape drawer pull to use until the drawer pulls and knobs are ordered. It is been painted in the same Farrow and Ball Blackened which I used for this table and chairs.
This amount of storage is heaven! The bad news is I cannot fill it up yet as I will need all this space for what is currently in the kitchen for storage whilst is being installed.
We like it so much we are thinking of commissioning a desk cupboard for me in the same area.

I will put the other table and the four chairs I painted on Ebay this weekend. Exciting times.


  1. All of the storage space will be wonderful. I'm glad you are getting the kitchen remodeled too. That is too far to walk to the sink with a pan. I see you have some amaryllis in bloom too.

  2. What a beautiful space and that new cupboard is amazing. Enjoy!

  3. Looks fab Sally. It takes a while to find out how a house works for you and it looks like your getting their.
    I love that mirror too.

  4. That looks lovely, Sally - wish that I had the space for the same! I don't envy you having to have a new kitchen put in, though. Hope that it all goes smoothly.

  5. Wow that looks amazing, I bet you are happy! Its really transformed the area
    Hey did you know you can uncheck the word verfication? They are really hard to read, and it stops a lot of comments.

  6. Love the new dresser - it is the business :-) Our kitchen badly needs a major overhaul too. I can't even apply the term 'badly designed' to it, as it is the guts of the old kitchen with stuff here and there, not designed at all. Similar problems to yours, but in a smaller space. Planning to knock thru to the dining room next year. Your hard work is paying off!