Sunday, 3 February 2013

Things happening slowly (and a little quilting)

The kitchen should have been finished by now but the major delay is the arrival of the worktops and the painter is a few days late as the fitter ran over schedule. I actually had Thursday and Friday with no workmen in sight. Bliss. I veer between wanting it finished and wanting the house to myself.
So here it is without any paint. The ovens cannot go in until the cupboard is painted so the sitting room has the two ovens and the warming drawer stacked in it. They have made me some temporary worktops which I slapped a coat of paint on just so the particle board doesn't blow (that's a technical term referring to it expanding if it gets wet).  If you are bored to smithereens by the tale of my kitchen, just wait until we get to the 'watching paint dry ' phase, . You cannot be more bored than I. I so want this all done and dusted, the stuff bought up from storage and to stop feeling like we are camping.

 And to make matters worse I am in bed with a cold. I do realise I am being a total wimp going to bed with just a cold but add a cold to the fibromyalgia and it seems the best option.
They are very well made. All the wood which will be painted is pine and the rest is solid oak. The joints are beautifully dovetailed, even those at the back of the drawers which are never seen.

I have been doing a little quilting and I want to show you how effective it can be to use a bobbin thread. This one is Invisafil from Wondafil, for me it behaves better than Bottomline, it might even be the same stuff but wound onto mini cones rather than tightly onto a spool. It is even happy being used on the top of a quilt through the needle. And when you use it, the stitches themselves disappear and the back takes on an embossed look.
My new machine has arrived! Yay. I didn't want to finish this small quilt on a different machine so the new beast sat on the floor in its box for a few days. I was ready to go when this bl**dy cold hit with a vengence. My brain is not working and I couldn't even work out how to get the bobbin out of its case. It's day will come....


  1. So exciting watching it come to fruition (from afar of course ~ it would drive me crazy if it was happening here). I can't wait to see it with the appliances in and the counters on.

  2. I remodeled my kitchen 6 years ago so I can relate to what you are going through. It is so exciting to see it all come together. I hope you knock that cold soon.

  3. Sorry about the cold :( The kitchen is looking lovely, even withthe set backs. Hopefully the new machine will keep you busy while the rest falls into place.

  4. Sally, I don't have fibro, and I also went to bed with my cold a few weeks ago — it's the only way to gather strength and recover in a reasonable length of time.

    Your kitchen is looking wonderful! I really like the cabinets and can hardly wait to see the finished room. :)

  5. The kitchen looks like it's coming on and very well made. It will be worth the wait and your allowed to take to your bed with anything if your body is telling you that's what's needed.

    Looking forward to seeing what colour paint you have chosen even if we do have to watch it dry.

  6. Sorry to here you are poorly Sally, hope you get better soon.
    Your kitchen is going to be super when it is finished, you will love working in it I am sure.


  7. Hope you're already feeling better. The kitchen looks wonderful, can't wait to see it finished. You're doing very well, it's feb and I haven't even sat at my sewing machine, I just can't get into things at the moment, everything is too chaotic!

  8. Wow - you are nearly there. What sort of machine did you get? Your quilting is wonderful as always

  9. We went through a less-major kitchen renovation than yours a few years ago. I remember what that felt like -- hang in there! It will be worth everything you've been through once it's complete.

    Calling your new machine a "beast" is not a very positive attitude to start out with, now, is it?! :-) To get the bobbin out, press inward just slightly to the right of center and the bobbin case will pop right out. I think you can even get a little video to come up on the screen showing how to do this, but I don't remember whether it's in tutorials or just pushing the ? button.

    Also, your dogs are BEAUTIFUL!