Saturday, 23 March 2013

A little bit of 'sploring

St Marys Lydney
Grave, St Marys Lydney
Grave, St Marys Lydney
Now the kitchen is completed we have a little more time to explore the neighbourhood, the Forest of Dean.This is St Marys church in Lydney. I have no idea of it's age as there was nothing outside to let me know. The steeple is amazingly tall for a church in a small town. Some of the graves went back to the 1700s (there were older ones but the dates could not be read).  Both of these are 18th century.

Some of the sheep in the area are not fenced in but permitted to roam in 'their' area of the Forrest.
Sheep in the Forrest of Dean
And then there is the bizarre..... This pink and white monstrosity is a dental surgery, somehow I cannot see me visiting them, lols.
Dental Surgery, Coleford
Frank had a trip up to the Kymin.
Fliss and Frank at The Kymin
 Happy Birthday Flissy! xxx

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