Thursday, 27 June 2013

I can make mistakes.

And I often do.
The block at the bottom of the photo is finished. Thank heavens I noticed when I only have one leaf to unpick that two of the stems coming out of the basket in the top of the photo disappear into nothingness. It could have been so much worse. Imagine if I found it when it was finished? Gulp.


  1. We are so lucky when we see our mistakes in time! I just had to unpick a square that I had put upside down. I saw it when I wanted to sew the rows together!

  2. I made that mistake with one of my CWB blocks. It's a relief when you realise it before putting it all together! Lovely block by the way!

  3. If you had my garden with its quota of slugs you would see that many stems disappear into nothingness so you haven't made a mistake.

  4. I'm pleased you spotted it early enough to do something about it! It hardly even counts as a mistake at this point, more a 'mis-placement'!

    Hope it doesn't take too much time or energy to make it right.