Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Quite honestly it was so long ago I was asked if they could use my photos in this book I had forgotten all about it. Then when I bought my new sewing machine the assistant said she had been reading about me in a library book. I had no idea. Eventually she got back to me with the name of the book. I found it on Amazon, which gave me the name of the publishers so I could contact them and remind them I had been promised a copy.
They used my  favourite quilt first which was nice as it is my only show quilt which has not won any ribbons. (This is like having an adored child who no one but you recognises their special qualities, lols)

And then my strippy which I also love. Both were made using Heide Stoll Weber's incredible hand dyed cotton sateen.


  1. Congratulations Sally - It is nice to finally get a copy of your own.

  2. I was surprised how tardy Quarto were in getting our comp copies out - they are usually very good about this. When they asked me to guest edit & proofread the book and wanted more examples of inspirational machine quilting, it seemed like a good opportunity to get some tip top UK domestic machine quilting in there. I'm glad the commissioning editors let me include your quilts, as I felt they would really inspire the readers (more so than some of the other examples in the book lol!) 'When Heide met Sally' is a great favourite of mine and I knew it would look FABULOUS on the page too (as we all know, not all quilts have the same kind of impact in print as they do in real life), but it is hard to believe it has never won anything!! Was it only entered in a small number of shows?

  3. How brilliant that lots more people get to see your super work, Sally! Well done!
    (and well done Susan B too, in getting them included!

  4. Congratulations Sally how wonderful.