Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I do have a valid excuse.

I have again not got much done but my excuse is reasonable. I had four teeth extracted on Monday. I am having implants inserted when all the prep work is done. Enough said.
I have made the rest of the hexagons for the borders.

I bought a jelly roll of Dutch Heritage fabrics from the Quilt Room when I was at Quilts UK. There were 20 different fabrics and these are one of each of them with the exclusion of one bright light blue which seemed to clash. I am thinking of either using these in the corners of this round of the quilt to replace the broderie perse or perhaps to even replace all of the broderie perse in this round.

The woodpeckers are still visiting but never four together any longer. Sibling rivalry means that they chase each other away. Occasionally I get one on each feeding station until one sees the other and then they have a mid air fight.

My raised bed is bringing much joy. It is starting to get established. I can sit on the sleepers (railway ties) and potter about.

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  1. Good luck with the dental work! Love your hexagons. Love your raised bed!