Sunday, 3 April 2016

Not flying pigs but....

These seemed even more unlikely than the flying pigs we saw in Abergavenny Market before. The pigs have been replaced by goats and they are even more delightful. Different breeds with their kids, all made of textiles by local women. I hadn't taken my camera with me so this is the best I could do with my phone. You can see the flying pigs on this post from a couple of years ago.

 We stopped for a cup of tea on the way home and sat out on the balcony at the Raglan Castle cafe. Birds were singing, the horses frollocking and we could feel the warmth of spring. If only they sold Campari and orange juice, my life would have been complete......
I am using three or four coloured threads on my Di Ford Mystery quilt so now all the major areas are stitched I can quilt anywhere on the quilt. I had the red thread in the machine so started to do the outermost border.

 As I started, I loved the effect.
But as I did more it became quickly apparent that it was gathering up the sides too much.  I probably could have got away with it had I not had the double layers of batting.
Luckily towards the edge, it is easiest to unpick by pulling the layers apart but it still took a few hours nonetheless.

All part of the gentle art of quilting......


  1. Oh but I soooooo hate unpicking. Perhaps that's why I like working on paper. You can't! Unpick that is, unless you want to leave the tell tale evidence!

  2. Sorry , should also have added I love the flying goats! All markets should have flying animals it seems to me!