Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2009, I dearly want you to be so much better than last year, even though I know that for many people throughout the world, it will be financially devastating as the world recession kicks in. At the risk of sounding like some dumb beauty queen, I sincerely hope for world peace and soon with a new incumbent in the White House, there is a chance, a small chance but it's there nonetheless.

A little odd fact. I live in the United Kingdom but there is no word for this. I live in England which makes me English, England is part of Great Britain, which makes me British, but I am not an United Kingdom-an nor United Kingdom-ish. Ordering from USA businesses, I have to click on UK as my country. It is not unknown for the USPS to send my delivery to the Ukraine.

Yesterday we put away all the Christmas bling and greenery from the house. (no waiting for 12th night at Toad Hall) It seems as though life should be back to 'normal' but it isn't yet. DH goes back to work on Monday and DD started back at her holiday job last Monday.

Here in England Christmas Day and Boxing Day (26th Dec) and New Year's Day are public holidays (In Scotland they have two days of holiday for New Year). Though for some years now a great proportion of the nation takes time off from Christmas Eve until January 2nd. Shops and cinemas are open but a lot of offices have no staff or only a skeleton all for this time. It can get frustrating trying to organise various things when offices are all but closed down.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    It's interesting to read what others around the world think of our new president-elect.

    I worked part-days this past week and will have to get into the real swing of things on Monday when the kids go back to school. I wish I was back in the Caribbean!