Saturday, 6 June 2009

Go see Judy's video on finishing binding

Judy Laquidara and scroll down.
I'll still do mine by hand for show quilts but for utility quilts it's great. (And much better than the Elma's glue method, who needs that extra step?)


  1. It's a great tutorial. I going to try it on my next Linus Quilt.

  2. Sally, it is Elmer's Glue not "Elma's" in case anyone thinks I have a tutorial on finishing a binding....:-)

    Good Luck with the feathers.

    Elma in Lochwinnoch

  3. Gluing isn't an extra step, it replaces pinning and takes a fraction of the time. Since I learned that, I'd never do a sewn down binding any other way, unless of course I didn't plan to wash the quilt right away. But since sewn down bindings are for things like Linus quilts, why wouldn't I wash it? Judy's method is what I used to use, and I can't imagine going back to it.