Friday, 5 June 2009

That wholecloth has me beaten

but not into submission, well not yet anyway...
I did manage to remove all the water soluble thread hold the trapunto diamonds in position and was half way through re designing feathers for this position when I discovered some of the water soluble thread had congealed into what can only be described as something like hard resin lumps on the back. Yuck and worse than yuck, they were hard enough to break needles. There are several times I should have walked away from this quilt and had I not been so pleased with the design I would have.
Thankfully I've found the master pattern. (It was hidden inside a roll of paper with the giant feathered star on the outside) So I have a plan...
My cunning plan is to finish cutting out the rest of the trapunto feathers, soak the top in warm water so I can retrieve the feathers. Then I shall re-mark the top, perhaps using fresh fabric if this doesn't look so good after all it's been through. Then the trapunto feathers will just be glued in place with Pritt Stick. But before I get that far I shall have one final attempt at getting those diamonds right! I think I have spent more time on this quilt so far than any other I have made and it's not even pinned yet!

To cheer a friend up, I made this little quilt out of silk charmeuse (sp?) I bought last year at the FOQ. SH, if you are reading this, it's for you!


  1. I want to come play in your studio. Love your color choices and feathers. They are just happy.

  2. Sally, love the wholecloth design. Did you create it?

  3. Nightmare! I'm impressed with your patience and tenacity. I think I would have put the lot in the bin ages ago and pretend it hadn't happened! Good luck. I love the colours in the piece for your friend.