Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ferret has a book

It looks super, she calls it a sampler quilt and it is but not in the way you might think, it's a sampler of techniques which end up in a brilliant medallion style finished quilt, see it here
This isn't a work on how to do her pictorial style, but how to do many many P&Q techniques. A great book for those who want to know how to do 'this' or how to do 'that'. Work through the book and you'll end up with a great quilt and a huge skill base for your future work.
At this point I'd normally put NAYY (no affliation, yada yada) but I do know Ferret and think her work is great!!!!!


  1. thank you for the link Sally - book order now in the post.

  2. Thanks Sally, I'll stop blushing sometime soon, between you and Ricky I will end up with a head too big to fit in my car and I can't be doing that.

    You didn't think I would do a traditional sampler quilt did you? Just wait till the really contemporary one gets made, that will confuse people.

  3. Thanks for the post about Ferret's new book -- I think I was her first USA order (grin) and I can't wait!