Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Shopping the stash

For the design I showed the other day I needed 13 different shades of red, I do have 13 (or more) different shades but they weren't different enough.
So in another bit of the stash I found this ombre, going from red to pink. I'll mark 13 sections on the back of the fabric and use that. So pleased as I thought I'd have to do a dye gradient of colours.

Then I found the green, it's far less grey and far more green than the camera has shown.

This will be my background fabric, it's a little warmer than this in reality. And for highlights, I thought this blue and one of the yellow/golds but.....

I've found two more ombres. The yellow gold is perfect.

And this blue is lovely again the camera has played tricks, it's a pure blue with little or none of the turquoise.

I'll play some more with the design concept before I start cutting into any of it.


  1. Oh my God!!!!!

    I would kill for that stash! Colours to die for!

    I spent this morning in my stash looking for the right blue - bugger - had to go to the stash shop to buy it!

    Message to self "Really should get the dyes and the PFDing fabric and get to work!"