Sunday, 15 November 2009

Quite pleased

Apologies for the yellow tone of this photo, it seems to happen when I take photos indoors at night without flash. What I want you to see is the difference between the trapunto on the left (Done the normal way with water soluble thread and then the excess cut away) and the two layered batting on the right. There is almost no difference!!
This quilt is just under 80" square if it were any bigger I would have to go back to the cutting away method as it just wouldn't fit under the harp of my machines but next time for a quilt this size or smaller, this works for me. Also be warned, I don't think with a cotton batt or a heavier weight poly, I still would have found it impossible to fit under. So the Quilter's Dream Request Poly and the Hobbs wool combination works for me.


  1. Hi Sally....I've missed you, but I know how it is to lose interest for a bit. Glad to see you working, and I think it's great that you found a way to get the same effect with less steps. I'm all for economy. How are your kitties? How is your husband?

  2. It looks lovely Sally. I have been hoping you were working, since you weren't blogging.

    I really like the yellowy effect of the camera. It looks very cheerful! It makes me think you should do one that colour...or at least the cloth should be a gradation of yellows. but, there we are, I am sure you don't need more ideas!
    Sandy in Bracknell

  3. Sally your quilting is exquisite..I love your work and am so glad you are starting to get into it again. I don't machine quilt but dream of it when I see your quilting...just awesome!!

  4. Wow !!!
    That double batting really puffs up the motifs and gives it a lot of texture. I love the effect.

  5. I've been contemplating a trapunto quilt; actually started marking it and set it aside. I washed the marks out last week and now, thanks to your post I will use the 2 batting method instead of the wash-away thread and trim batting method. Thanks. I LOVE your quilt!