Saturday, 28 August 2010

My light table

This is my wondrous light table. OK it isn't a pukka light table, it's bigger and better. It my sewing table too. In reality it's a glass garden table (see the hole for the parasol?). I could have found one without the struts across but these had bars along the sides to strengthen the structure and those would have got in the way of my knees whilst sewing. In this photo I have two lamps under it. One with an 18 watt low energy bulb (these are good because you can get higher light levels without the heat) on the floor and one clip on one with an 8 watt bulb to the bottom of the right of the photo.

These photos were taken with my phone so you might need to click on them to see more detail but you can see the feathers quite easily through the paper. They show up even more so when your hand is holding them down.

And an hour or so later, I'd copied it out so I have a full sized half pattern. I laid the wonderful satin I'd bought at the Festival of Quilts over it to see if it would trace through easily and it does!

But, it turns out although the satin is supposed to be 60" wide, it's more like 58" and has very wide selvedges so probably has about 54" of usable width. This design is just a little too wide. So I shall go with plan a and use cotton sateen.
Sort of boo but it will look good anyway!


  1. Great design. I notice you are pinning the design. If you draw the design on Freezer Paper and then iron it to your fabric - the fabric will stay stable while you draw..and you can re-use it. I am using Jenkins Freezer paper as its a bit thicker... I am just learning about this...and ready to draw with the design onto my fabric...this time I am going to use a bic pencil and see how that goes. ....Just a thought :)

  2. It's pinned because it's the two sides of freezer paper giving me the mirror image, you really really don't want to iron this (grin).