Thursday, 4 November 2010

For a baby in need

I drew this out this afternoon, it's only 20" X 16". There has been a call from the local hospital for little quilts for babies who 'need to be baptised' quickly.

This is the back to give an idea of how it will look when the marks are washed out.

It's been therapeutic for me today to concentrate on families who have problems I can't even imagine. I sincerely hope the baby who will lay on this little quilt lives to grow up.


  1. I know this quilt will bring comfort to the family of that little baby. I hope the best for that baby

  2. It is sad to think about those families. What a wonderful way to help them.

  3. Another beautiful quilt, Sally. I love the texture of that feathered wreath!

  4. THats beautiful Sally - A great contribution for the family - I am sure that gives them lots of love and hope.