Friday, 26 November 2010

Wrapping station

I'm feeling a little smug, as I have all the presents wrapped for Christmas and it's still November. It doesn't feel like it though with the temperature well below freezing. The sun is shining on the heavy frost so my spirits have lifted.

I am glad I stopped to take some photos as I found these other four hidden in my secret hiding place.
I haven't done any sewing as my fibromyalgia pain came back big time. I've increased my meds by 50% and I think they are starting to kick in.
I also had a silly accident. I boiled up some prawns (shrimp) in their shells to make a fish stock. I then went to put them in the blender before straining the stock. I realised just in time I had not put the little stopper in the lid. Found it, put it in, turned it on, then found I hadn't put the lid on properly. Boiling stock hit my chest and arms. The burns are healing now nearly a week later but it has curtailed what I can and cannot do a little. Ouch!


  1. Your parcels are lovely .... I haven't even started my Christmas shopping!! I'm sorry your fybromyalgia is troubling you. As for your accident - it is a very common one ... I have even seen chefs do it on tv!

  2. Ouch, I hope it all heals up soon :) Love th packages, reminds me I need to get a move on! Though there is some wrapping in my horizon for this weekend :) Have a peaceful weekend.

  3. You're so good and the parcels look very pretty. I'm sorry to hear about the nasty kitchen accident and I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Ouch! I sympathise with you completely, a few weeks ago I burnt my forearm on my iron - and it was a silly oversight like this. Hope you heal quickly.

    Otherwise I am completely envious...I didn't even wrap last years presents - they were put in a gift bag at the last minute.

  5. You have every right to be smug - I haven't even started yet, although I have made the cake and bought a pudding, does that count?
    Ouch for the blender incident! Did a similar thing a while back with pumpkin soup, but spattered the walls & dog as he shot out of the room at high speed, no injuries thank goodness. I think it's the combination of blenders and hot liquids - not good!

  6. I sure hope you heal quickly & your fibro subsides. I have it, too. I love to wrap presents, too. It would be lovely to have an area or table set up just for that. I'm proud of you for being on top of it. I haven't even started yet... eek!