Tuesday, 5 April 2011

1703 Quilt - Victoria & Albert Museum - Search the Collections

Bed cover - Victoria & Albert Museum - Search the Collections
I love this quilt and love going through the collections at the V&A. Sadly I don't seem to be able to share more than one quilt at a time. I find their descriptions a little weird. Would you call this a wholecloth?


  1. A problem with a lot of the V & A descriptions seems to be re putting modern labels/names/definitions onto older pieces. Wasn't back stitch very common as a quilting stitch back then anyway? Even though very few people do it today (unless in an eighteenth century style).

    I wish some of their detail pictures showed MORE detail than they do...

  2. It's very beautiful...I don't want to contradict the V and A but, no I wouldn't call it a whole cloth (but I wouldn't call it a coverlet either-under the 'more information tab')
    Thanks for sharing it Sally,you've given me a collection I can ogle at from time to time.