Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spring has come early to Toad Hall

The apple blossom this year is all white with hardly a tinge of pink.

This tulips were supposed to be three different varieties of pink and even the ones which look pink in this photo are closer to purple.

The honesty is taller than it's ever been.

The bluebells are going over before they would not normally even be in flower.

Even the tough as old boots primoses, are going over and need watering.

We have two new additions to the family, Princess Suki and Goldie. They were in a tank too small for them. We floated them in bags for a couple of hours and all the little goldfish already in the pond came to say hello and investigate. We wondered if the big news guys would beat up the little residents but all is calm. The tank fish need to learn to be a bit more circumspect about coming to the surface or the heron will have them.

The Solomon's Seal shows promise of things to come.

This is four weeks at least too early.

And the shuttlecock ferns unfurl.

George is loving the dry weather.

Even the grass is showing dry patches. It's April, where are the showers?


  1. It looks beautiful! Nothing of mine has even really started to do too much, heck they were calling for snow today!

  2. The April showers will probably turn up the weekend of Malvern so we all get incredibly muddy in the car park....

  3. The showers are here, - in abundance LOL
    Also, spring is cold and late here, - crocuses still in bloom and my very earliest daffodils have just opened up.
    Enjoy the warm weather while you can, - there will always be more wet and cold to come :-)

  4. Everything looks lovely - if you want to know where the showers are - we have them over in WA - USA - and more than we want. It is the wettest, coldest spring in decades.

    Thanks for the cheery photos - at least we can look at spring flowers.

  5. This is too lovely, you have me longing for a flower filled garden. Such green!

    I don't have as many flowers as I would do...just some super hardy rosh bushes, lavendar, rosemary, Camelia and nice suprises poking through every now and them.

    Due to severe water restrictions up until last year, my flower desires have been thwarted, I d-r-e-a-m (or Quilt) my gardens!

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  7. Lovely photos. Everything seems to be doing so well in spite of the lack of rain.

  8. I love your flowers. My bleeding heart froze and I hope it comes back. Yours is lovely.