Monday, 2 May 2011

Some prep work, if not any sewing yet

These are just laying on the white fabric whilst I decide which way to go. This way with each one aligned and giving nice large spaces to quilt and then narrower ones,
this way, giving wavy areas of white to quilt.....?
These photos were taken yesterday, Mayday, the first was taken by my daughter
I think these young girls are delightful.
The first rose of the year
 The first Alium
The first clematis

And the hostas and ferns are coming along nicely

And the saxifrage in the patio paving looks super (though it was out a couple of days before Mayday)
Now all I have to do is choose which way I will do the quilt. Somehow I don't think it matters very much, it will be a pretty quilt either way.


  1. I like the second arrangement - looks interesting and will be good to quilt with your wonderful quilting! Jill

  2. What a wonderful post. I think the first rose and the girls dancing (is it around the May Pole??? I've never seen this before) is beautiful.

    The only problem here is that I look so forward to you posting pics of your Peonies. I have seen a few and yours are always splendid!

    When I'm done browsing your latest post I want to draw...instead of getting back to work. Oh well, small price to pay. Thanks for the inspiration.