Friday, 20 May 2011

What a difference a day makes

Things are happening at Toad Hall. First thing this morning, the first barrow of concrete landed followed by many many more until it looked like this.

I had to keep the cats inside for four hours until it was dry enough for them to walk over. I was worried a fox might come and try and walk over it,

but no, these much smaller footprints appeared. Now who would have thought a squirrel would have been curious enough to go over it?
I'll reveal what is happening as and when each stage is in process. Needless to say lots of builders tea is involved.
I love this rose, Zephrine Drouhin (I even love the name), she is thornless and very heavily scented. She repeat flowers but her first flush is the best.

I also love my oriental poppies.

What I don't love is this combination, it offends my eye. So much does it offend that I yanked out the oriental poppy, roots and all last year. They are supposed not to like their roots being disturbed so you can imagine my surprise when up it came again this year. I'd even planted things over where it had once been. And it has about another ten or so buds wanting to come up. It took courage to kill it last year can I summon the strength to do it again? It does look so dreadful next to the pink and reds of the rose....

I bought this plant last week, it's large and sculptural and the underside of the leaves are wonderful but what is really remarkable is how it lifts it's leaves in the evening.


  1. the poppies make decent cut-flowers

    brighten your lounge and make the garden better at the same time


  2. I've spent five years nurturing my poppy and it has only just flowered for the first time - you try to kill yours and it comes back strong as ever. There is no justice!

  3. I think the common name for your indoor plant is the Prayer Plant?

    Our poppies and peonies are out too-----so early this year!

  4. I love poppies....they're not quite coming up yet here. Your gardens are beautiful.

  5. Lovely photos - your squirrels must have had trouble climbing trees after going through that. I heard someone at Chelsea say that there are no clashing colours in nature.

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous, don't kill them LOL.
    Those squirrels are pesty little guys aren't they.

  7. Flowers - So get out your colour wheel and work out what colour would go with both so that it doesn't clash!
    take a leaf from scrappy quilting and add something outrageous like orange and purple and then they will all begin to play together.
    Sandy in Bracknell