Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Time is eaten up

Somehow making cups of tea, coffee and answering questions eats your days and uses my 'spoons' (see link on the right).
From this

to this in a couple of days.

Today it's the electricians turn, he's wiring the automatic roof vents, the floor sockets and the wall lights. The the original chap comes back to seal the floor and install insulation and more screed. Then the long wait for the screed to dry to add the oak floor.  I keep telling myself it will be good once it's done...
I had a birthday and my darling husband got me this object of desire, a Cath Kidston DAB radio, I love it though the gold plating might be a little OTT.
And my darling daughter got me this fabulous blade sharpener from Quilt Direct, you just roll your cutter up and down and then rotate it to do the other side of the blade. Love it.

We dug up some horseradish which I love. This beast was so large that it filled two ice cube  trays. (If you want to freeze it, just grate it in your food processor, keep well back or your eyes and nose will sting, and wet it with vinegar before freezing in trays, then store in a sealed plastic bag.)


  1. I bet you cant wait to get in there and enjoy that lovey 'room'

  2. What a lovely addition, I am sure you will enjoy using it when it is finished.

    My mother grew horseradish and ground it then processed it in a canner I think. She would give me some each Christmas...the best horseradish! She didn't like it so it was a labor of love for my dad and the rest of her children. I do miss it now that she is off the farm and in assisted living.

  3. You are so going to enjoy that beautiful space. Does the blade sharpener work as it's something that I have been contemplating?