Friday, 21 October 2011

If I were Superwoman

I would be sewing these by hand.

But I'm not so they are all done on the machine with the blind hem foot. I have finished this pair and half of the next, so many to go.

It's amazing how you can procrastinate when you are not enthusiastic about a task.

We went to the cottage again last week and crossed the new Severn Bridge. I find this one so much less scary than the old one as it has these barriers which stop me feeling like I am about to drop off the edge.
It was a rare glorious autumn weekend.

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  1. Hi Sally it is always nice to get out of the city ,and that is such pretty fabric you picked for curtains,I am so envious of your super applique work ,the feathers and all the fancy shamcy free motion quilting that you are so famouse for oh! I am also envious of you cat.