Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It all takes time

If you click on these photos you'll see what I'm doing.
I'm adding a little free motion embroidery on some of the appliqués. Here I'm just adding veins to the leaves.
Then I changed threads and stitched between each of the red fabrics on the flowers. The effect is subtle. The ones at the top of this photo have yet to be done and the bottom ones show the difference.
And this is what it looks like on the back.

Just a little detail to the birds.

And then a little tip for when you come to appliqué borders or any long strips. Roll up the work at each end and fasten with a safety pin. This way as you turn the work through 360° you do not run the risk of getting anything caught under your work. As you move along the piece, just reposition your safety pins.

Autumn arrived today and the cats are happy to snuggle down on a sofa in the conservatory.


  1. Cute quilt and love the sleeping kitty. Such a cute hind paw...

  2. Your quilt is going to be spectacular and so very different I just love those fabrics you are using. Wow.

  3. I love watching your Hearts Desire quilt progress.
    I started some free motion work on mine as well. I'm not very experienced at it, so mine isn't near as nice looking. Someday (with practice) maybe I'll have a steadier hand. : )
    Keep up the wonderful, inspiring work. : )

  4. Oh Sally those gorgeous gorgeous 1930 look alike fabrics, so soft and delectable. Any chance of you up loading a couple of photo's to the photo album on I know there are so many still working on Esther's HD and it would be soooo encouraging to us all. It's going to so beautiful this quilt; I can imagine your quilting feathers coming up soon!!!! Thanks for the tips as well. You do such beautifully controlled sewing machine work.

  5. Sally,
    Your work is beautiful. This new project is lovely.

  6. Once again, I stand in awe of your prowess with a sewing machine - simply beautiful!

  7. I love that! It looks absolutely wonderful!

  8. I want to start this quilt, but mine will fall flat compared to yours. The detail makes the quilt. Great job Chris

  9. What type if stitch are you using or are you going back and forth with just a straight stitch? Looks lovely and it really sets off the applique.