Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goodness so long since I posted

Whilst clearing the sewing room I found my old tech drawing school book. Year 9 which was about when I was 13/14. I think I might have been a patchwork designer way back then....

I also designed my own clothes. (and drafted the patterns). Ok not brilliant but it was the 60s.
And you know how I say I couldn't draw, well it seems I could, not well but not terribly either,

I went to B and Q this week and bought a bargain rug, 100% wool down from £98 (which isn't a bad price) to £30.
Firstly Rosie wanted it to play with her,
Then she decided it needed to cuddle her,
George thinks it's rather wonderful as well,
I will try harder to post more often but life is chaotic to say the least at the moment.

Did I mention I cannot find my quilt ribbons anywhere? I've been hunting them for 3 days now to no avail. Gulp.


  1. Love the cats on the rug - that is the seal of approval!

  2. It is so great that you have that book. Did it bring back memories long forgotten?