Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Love it when things go to plan, hate it when they don't.

I have been over the moon with my new cutting table (see my last post). The joy of being able to work from all sides and so not have to move the fabric. It is little things like this which bring me huge pleasure. I spent some time today cutting out bias stripes for piping on some cushions I am making for the kitchen sofas.
I bought a lot of preshrunk piping cord for this very purpose whilst we were still at Toad Hall. I assumed quite wrongly I had put it in the box with all the kitchen fabrics. (and a couple of other curtain fabrics). So the box gets pulled out from under the table to the left of my machine. It wasn't there. So then the blue Ikea bag behind it gets pulled out and emptied. Not there either. I did find some un-shrunk cotton piping cord in my drawers from way back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, varying thicknesses and I am not sure any of the lengths are long enough for the big cushions. But I boiled them to shrink them anyway.
At this point I needed to sleep. It didn't matter there was a guy on the staircase hammering down new carpet, I just had to sleep. So I did.
And I woke to find this....
 Tomorrow is another day.....
(My exhaustion was down to DH being stuck at the train station and not getting home until midnight as the RAC yet again claimed they were very busy last night. I also went to the supermarket and the butchers. I have limited energy and I had used it all)


  1. First lovelyyyyyyyyyy to see you on Esther's blog again Sally. Have missed you. I have a cutting table like that and it is a blessing. Hope tomorrow is a better day finding what you are after????? Cheers Glenda

  2. My working corner ALWAYS looks like that.....

  3. Weird things always happen when you're asleep. I don't know where those Gremluins live when we're awake, but they make a lot of mess at night!

  4. Looks to me an artist's having fun in her workshop.