Sunday, 1 July 2012

I have done some stitching.

And I have my new sewing table.
It's my old Ikea glass table top which used to be on the trestles for my cutting table. I bought these two small chests of drawers from Ikea and it's perfect. I can still place a light on the floor between the two chests of drawers for a light box. Win.
I still have my old glass topped garden table which has now been moved over to the left so I have something to support my quilt whilst I stitch on it. You can see over to the right I have sorted out the upside down thread racks but haven't got all my threads up yet. Rome and my sewing room were not built in a day.

And my sewing? Well remember this footstool in the snug area of the kitchen? (and the sofa which was too large?)
Well I have recovered the footstool. (and we have a bright pink velvet small sofa, it is a real pink not the peachy pink the iphone has picked up) Both the footstool fabric and the sofa are Ikea again (do you think they will give me commission?)

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  1. What a brilliant idea for the sewing table. Love your footstool too.