Friday, 8 November 2013

Great New To Me Book.

 I cannot remember where I saw this book recommended, another blog, Facebook, I don't know but I am grateful. It is full of designs for the various motifs used in applique. Just the thing for me, when I want to create something which 'could' have been designed well over a hundred years ago. ( I have who mentioned it, The Happy Appliquer, and you can find her post here)
 A random sample page.
 And another.

Not much has been happening on the quilting front. I hurt my back just before I went to the Autumn Quilt Show at the Malvern Showground. And two weeks later, it is better than it was but still a long way from good enough to sit and sew at my machine. I have done a little handwork but the prep work hurts...

 On the way home from shopping last weekend DH had hunger pangs so we stopped for afternoon tea.  I loved the little hand knitted tea cosies.
We had ordered carrot cake and fruit cake but when we saw these huge scones go to another table we changed our order. Clotted cream, warm scones and home made jam, heavenly.


  1. Sally, so sorry to hear about your injury. Back injuries take so long to get better. That book looks wonderful. I tried to buy a copy but the price has gone out the roof. Maybe later, or I'll try to find a copy via Inter Library Loan. Feel better soon.

  2. I too have this book. I love old-fashioned quilts. Have used some of the templates in the book which I bought second-hand via Amazon a few years ago. Quite expensive if I remember - but worth it if you like traditional work which I do. Daren't think what the book will cost now.

  3. You are a cruel temptress,lol! Your Devonshire Tea looks too delicious!
    That book looks like a real find! It appears it is a great resource book for applique addicts as well as lovers of antique quilts.