Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sorry about that book!

I got mine for $5 US and there were quite a few about at that sort of price. It's a nice book to have but not the $60 plus it is going for now. Wait a while and the price will surely come down again.

In the book was a horse with a soldier on it. I cannot remember who now but someone from US history. I removed the rider and slimmed the horse down a bit (I think it still needs to go on a diet).
I prepared it last night and will treat myself to appliquing it down once I have finished the next row of half circles... I think I need to learn needle turn but thus far it hasn't suit my clumsy fingers.
I will do one facing it on the other side of this top border. I think it has ended up looking a little like a fairground pony with the flowers.


  1. What a marvelous looking horse! I can just imagine it prancing about.

  2. When I originally posted about the book I saw some available for about $1 US. Then suddenly people were emailing me and saying they were over $35. Wow, now at $60. We must have started a shopping frenzy. Lol

  3. I have come to love needle turn applique. Just started this method a couple of years ago. My fingers do not work as well as they used. I use a #10 milliner's or straw needle. The extra length allows me to sweep the seam allowance under before pinching and sewing it down. I can no longer handle a short applique needle. And, I no longer need to use a thimble. I have not tried the starch method yet. I leave the freezer paper inside and use it to give shape to the piece.