Thursday, 30 January 2014

A little more done.

I am enjoying doing this. It's taking longer than I thought but no matter, the journey is good.

I went into our little shed last week and found everything inside it was wet. We had the roof refelted last year but obviously not well enough. This was just after it was dismantled. This little area is overhung with trees and never gets any direct sun so it was pointless to replace it with another wooden one.
The alternatives are metal or plastic. I do not trust metal not to rust in this position so plastic it is. I am hoping it will get dirty and not stand out quite as much. I plan to plant a climber of some sort on the side we see from the house.
It should last longer than the last one. It just looks very bright. The temptation to put some graffiti on it is strong. It is even more twee than it is in this photo, that window is framed and has a sill.....


  1. Your new shed may be brighter than you're used to seeing out there but it sure is cute! I was expecting something with much less character. It will be a nice backdrop for those climbers.

  2. Love your progress with the Mystery Quilt.

    A climber might be perfect for the shed.

  3. Your center is gorgeous. What about painting a quilt on the side of that shed while the climbers get bigger?

  4. Hi, you could make a quilt out of recycled carrier bags to hang whilst the climber grows. See how long and which ones fade or biodegrade!
    Sandy in Bracknell