Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hexies and bookcases

 I have not done much in the way of piecing over papers. I started by going to my favourite way of almost everything and using a glue stick to fold the fabric over. This worked but on such tiny pieces the glue was right on the edge and not easy to stitch through. Plan B was to glue the hexagon in place and sew down the 1/4" seam allowance. This was too fiddly. Plan C was to iron the line for the fussy placement over. Glue the little paper in place and then I left the seam allowance quite large. I stitched each corner fold down one at a time stitching each corner twice. This is what worked for me. I printed off the papers from this site making sure I printed at 100% with half inch sides.
 I am quite happy with these.
 I have three double bookcases in the bedroom. In Toad Hall we had blue toile curtains (drapes) and I just placed some leftover toile behind the glass. Spines of books never go with my decorating schemes and quite honestly they are so disorderly I don't want to look at them from the bed.
 The new curtains will be a Kate Forman linen printed with roses. I couldn't use the linen like the toile as it stretches so much (and it is very expensive).  Laura Ashley had this wall paper which does the job beautifully.
I am only doing one door every day or so as stretching hurts after doing each one. Bloody fibromyalgia!


  1. Sally,
    I absolutely love your ideas for both the hexies and the bookcases! I plan to adopt both. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings to you, Greta

  2. I did a similar thing with the bookcase in my kitchen with all the cookbooks...they just never quite looked neat and the fabric does a great job of hiding them! And the hexes look wonderful!!