Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fabrics, glorious fabrics

 I found myself irresistibly drawn to this slightly glazed chintz. I have no room for more fabric so some others have been culled. The thread is there to give you some idea of the scale of this.

And I found some more of the John Hewson prints. I think I have the full set of them now. I feel it a pity they added some fake lines of linen weave to the background but you cannot have it all......


  1. Sally, I look forward to seeing how you use these fabrics :)

  2. The chintz is beautiful! It is certainly worth culling a few others to make room. Do you have any plans for using it? It seems a shame to think about cutting. Enjoy!

  3. I love that chintz! I hope you will show what you make from it.
    I would have preferred a solid background for the Hewson prints but I'm sure they used the woven look so quilters would buy the matching background in the line.