Saturday, 3 May 2014

Another fabulous Antique quilt to my small collection. PHOTO HEAVY

 I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this beauty. I bought it taking a bit of a chance as the photo shown to me was not good. Even when it arrived I wasn't certain as the fabrics were so bright, they might have been printed yesterday. However the seller also was selling another quilt, a strippy which wasn't in wonderful condition but I bought it quite cheaply so was happy enough with it (photos of it are are at the bottom of this post). I am so pleased I got the strippy or would have doubted the age of this fabulous quilt. Both the strippy and this have the same quilting of chevrons and cross hatching and more importantly the same backing fabric which is quite heavy and stronger than what is on my other old quilts. They both came from the same house clearance in Dorset, England. I showed it to a group of other aficionados and their thoughts matched mine on the dates of the fabrics, about 1830. One of the prints is the same as one of the  quilts in the book Chintz Quilts from the Poos Collection by Xenia Cord and Kay Triplett.

The brighter photos are taken with flash, the others without. The colours are not quite as bright as the flash photos but much brighter than the ones without.

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  1. Sally, it is incredible how well those fabrics have held up after so many years. Any idea how the quilts were stored or cared for?