Friday, 21 March 2014

Test video on how I do machine applique.

I bought this little tripod and start stop button to go on my phone. I thought it would make it so easy to show skills with little videos.
It turns out it isn't so simple. First problem is the back of the holder for the phone covers up much of the screen so it isn't easy to put it in without adjusting something unwanted.  The 2nd problem is I wanted to have it pointing from above the needle and if you tilt it too far then it falls over. I couldn't place it on the sewing machine extension table itself as it picked up too much of the machine noise.

I sort of got it right by placing the tripod on a box beside the extension table. It might have been better had I been working on a block so the fabric didn't obscure the view at some points.

So I made my little test video, it looks OK on the phone. I tried to upload to Youtube but for reasons I cannot fathom the uploads fails over and over again using wifi. I tried to email it to my pc but that failed as the file is too big.... However I was able to upload it to Facebook (perhaps FB compresses it somehow? I didn't record it in HD so my little un-savvy internet experience has no answers. If you do, please comment and tell me what to try next.)

My next thought was to download it from Facebook, foiled again.  BUT Facebook has given me a link which means you can see it without joining Facebook.
So please try and see it here.


  1. Nice video, Sally, and it was lovely to hear you speak!

  2. Hi, Sally - just watched your test video. Here is what I saw: There was a bit of glare from the light source and it wasn't quite in focus for me - but then I have trouble with close things. Were you doing a blanket stitch? You're on to something here. Loved watching you sew.

  3. I couldn't even watch it on my tablet. I will try on my laptop!

  4. The video showed up fine here in Australia. But I wasn't allowed to post a comment there.
    Crossing my fingers this time.