Thursday, 13 March 2014

When you live near the top of the hill

and the sun shines, you really should go to the top. We had a glorious dry sunny day on Sunday.
This stone is known as the Buckstone and is one of the local stones with myths and legends that come with it. One story which is true, is it used to rock but never roll over. A group of drunken Victorian lads put it to the test and undid that particular myth. It was put back in place with concrete and no longer rocks.
After such a wet winter the moss is almost dayglo  green in the sunshine.
 One of the myths suggest this is where virgins were sacrificed by our neolithic ancestors and their blood caught in the bowl of this stone near the Buckstone.
 So much of it looks like a set from the Lord of the Rings films. Though this might not be such a stretch as J R R Tolkien was known to have visited the Forest of Dean.
Frank is still with us (sorry about my shadow). He still loves going out.
The 2nd instalment of the Quiltmania Di Ford mystery quilt has arrived and it involves 48 fussy cut circles to be appliqu├ęd. Eight each of six different fabrics. That should keep me out of trouble for a while.  I prepared these with starch over three layers of freezer paper. Luckily they are not like tiny berries but one and an eighth inch diameter.


  1. stunning pictures x what a wonderful place to visit x

  2. Thank you for posting the photos of the scenery near where you live. Love to see what it looks like in other places and this looks just beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful walk and history lesson. Love that moss and the stone wall.

  4. So beautiful, this is just how I imagine England.

  5. If I lived there, I would be out with my paints all the time - lucky you!

  6. Just by chance I found you doing the Di Fotd Mystery quilt. I did email the Quilt Room about forming a group , to exchange ideas. They said it would be up to Quiltmania. And forwarded my email. I would like to be intouch with others doing it. I too find cutting the fabric daunting not knowing if I will make a mistake.
    This time I decided to do it my way. Cut the circles, gathered them on a car journey, pressed them over a Mylar circle I had. Then I cut out the background, and the triangles, made up 1/8 th of the boarder, then applied the circles. It seems to be working. I was frightened I would not get them central.
    Do email me if you have an idea of how to get a group together.
    Cheers Sue in Nottingham

  7. Just wondering if you had the SKU#’s for the fabrics in part two of the Di Ford Mystery as they were not printed in the magazine and I have been trying to collect fabrics since the BOM is full here in the States.