Thursday, 6 March 2014

Border three done (and how I got there in photos)

 First the zig zag border, then the stems and the leaves.
 Then cut the 'eyebrow' shape off the freezer aper templates.
 Place them with some glue stick.
 Outer petal.
 Inner petal and so on.
And then it is done. Never let me do four borders the same again please. Just stop me!
I always find it interesting to see things in black and white to see the true value of the colours I have used.


  1. Sally, this is so lovely! You have done an amazing job on it from drawing the design to finishing all that applique to putting it all together. Great work.

  2. That is a LOT of work, and it is beautiful!!!

  3. I wouldn't dream of stopping you! It is absolutely beautiful!! Just imagine, if someone had stopped you, we wouldn't have seen this wonderful result! And now it's too late to stop, you just have to keep going...;o))

  4. lots of work and such beauty achieved. Patience ...

  5. WOW Sally, what a beauty. Stop you? Never!

  6. You have out done yourself. This is gorgeous. Borders all the same do get boring to do, but the work pays off in Spades when you can struggle through them. Just stunning. Chris

  7. This is so lovely, so appliqué packed. It's wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing your techniques too!

  8. But it's absolute amazingly beautiful!!