Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A little more done.

 I have done some more on the French General Hexagons whilst the Queens Tennis has been on.
 And I have been looking at what effect it would have if I appliqued some other fabric behind that central hole. I quite like it but might stick with adding more hexagons and fussy cutting them...
I love this bit where I can ponder to my hearts content.
 These are a couple of the hexagon rosettes for the Di Ford mystery quilt.
And this is what mine look like on the back. I trim my backs to a scant 1/4" but leave in the stitching even after I removed the papers.


  1. G'day Sally.
    Love the Hexies.. the more I see of them the more I am being drawn to starting one of my own...
    (Do I really need another WIP????)
    Cheers Wendy

  2. I'm pretty new to making hexagons.
    I wasn't taught to baste clear through to the front.
    I was taught to fold, then go around that twice.
    How do you remove the papers when you've basted through them?


  3. I am confused, I haven't basted through the papers. I just do a double stitch through the folded fabric on the corners. The papers pop out through the middle and I leave the basted stitches in place.

    I hope this clarifies for you, words often confuse things I find... :-)