Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Looking for the perfect storage for hexagons.

These are growing slowly. I don't mind it being slow, it is something to do whilst sitting watching TV with my husband in the evenings.

The search for the perfect storage for work in progress goes on.
I bought one of these Really Useful little box sets.
 It sort of works. I put the ones with the papers lightly stuck on in one box and as they are stitched over, they go into a second one. The downside is they are all lose within a box. This doesn't matter very much with these particular ones but sometimes with a larger print, I want to be able to look through them without taking them out of the box.
 Another downside is the box of drawers has to lay on its back or they would all go over the sofa.
 Then I found this online. It is designed for storing nail polish. It arrived this morning.
 I had such high hopes for this but the channels are too wide. It would probably be good for hexagons with one inch sides...
I have wasted a goodly part of the last week, not sewing but hunting for this ring. It has huge sentimental value as my husband bought it for me when I was pregnant. I have been through rubbish bags, crawled round floors, repeated this, down the back of the sofa, even the fridge. It had gone down between the bedside table and the bed. I must have slid it under the valance and under one of the quilt bags, the second or third time I looked for it there.... Not coming off my finger again even if it does get clogged up with hand cream.


  1. So glad that you found your ring! Annoying that you had to spend time looking for it (and for perfect hexagon storage!).

  2. Mine are all in just a shoebox storage...but not the completed ones.
    I sorted them into what I will make into flowers and have those all pinned in sets.
    I like your system much better.
    I have no idea if once I get these 2000 or so made if I will continue to do hexies or not.

  3. The nail polish box looks like quite a good solution. My friend's great grandmother's hexagon workbox works on a similar system - those are one inch hexagons. I wonder, if the section were narrower, would it become fiddly to get the smaller hexagons out?

  4. I wonder if a bobbin box would do the job for half inch hexies? (based in Devon)sell a plastic box that will hold 30 sewing machine bobbins for £2.50. If they fit, it would probably hold 60 - 90 hexies. If not, you would have a useful bobbin box. :)

  5. Hi Sally your hexagons are growing so quickly, what wonderful fabrics you are using I also find making them very relaxing and work on them in the evening, I have been working on repairing and finishing off my 1920 GMFG binding, it is very slow also but oh so rewarding, I finds my self sitting up in bed after midnight still saying to my self just one more just one more LOL. Cheers Glenda