Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Return to machine quilting.

It has been a while and my hand is definitely not back in. I have a Christmas tree panel and thought I would quilt it up just to get back to some machine work. Because it is over a year since I have done any, I needed a warm up piece. I am so glad I did.
It isn't as bad as I thought it was whilst stitching yesterday but I do need more practice. I also need to be able to relax again whilst stitching. I could feel my shoulders tighten up.

I have also been making some more little hexagons for a border for the hexagon star.

Thank you for all your kind comments about my lovely Frank. I found it too hard to write thank you mails individually.
I have been cleaning off his wall art off the walls, well every surface really. And vacuuming up his hair. Every time I think I have got every last hair more comes back to haunt me. I don't mind being haunted by his gentle soul, it is indeed a little comforting.


  1. Your quilting looks lovely, glad you are able to get back to it. I love those little French General hexagon flowers too.

  2. I once opened up a new book at the school library where I was working, only to find a black dog hair lying on the page. Damn dog - she'd died several years before but kept turning up in the most unlikely places! By then it gave me a good laugh.

    My last dog companion left me maybe six years ago now and I still remember I could not bring myself to wash the dirt off the door jams where she rubbed up against them on her way through. It took overnight company months later to prod me to the cleaning chores that would erase the last bits of her physical existence away. But apparently not. Last month I dug out a light quilt for the bed, one I hadn't used for several years. Although it had been washed before being stored away, I ran it through the wash to freshen it up and yes, there in the lint trap were dog hairs! Damn dog... ;-) May your pain slowly melt away and only fond and funny memories remain.

  3. My little mutt Jasper used to always sit at my feet while I knitted & sewed - I used to joke there was part of him in everything I made. It's impossible to eradicate a dog's presence entirely and to be honest, it doesn't matter, memories are good even if they are painful.