Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I don't know why...... but I am having so much difficulty

It makes no sense. I have measured each side umpteen times, I have measured each border umpteen times plus one, I have pinned, I have used the dual feed on my machine, yet each time I sew it together it is out. I don't want to fudge it, for it will have to hang straight and it has to be precise as the corners are mitred.
I put this out of sight a few months ago but the time has come to face my fears and deal with it. This will make a lovely quilt....... it will...... it will...... it will.....

As Frank is no longer with us, my DH has joined a gym. Not to get a body beautiful, after all there is a limit what can be achieved at a gym after a certain age but just to keep moving. This is when you find out how far out in the sticks you live. Today is a holiday in the UK, a day for following leisure activities, but not apparently for going to the gym. It is shut. There are not many gyms to chose from. I have just about got used to not being able to go out for a meal after 8pm because this is the end of service. We have no cinema, except an old theatre which runs films and other entertainments, forget about watching in 3D. We have supermarkets, my preferred one for fish is about 20 minutes away. Or it was 20 minutes away until a landslip blocked the road six or more months ago and it still remains blocked, now it is about 35 minutes away.
BUT I wouldn't go back to the land of restaurants selling food until 1am or 3d cinemas with couch seating. I would miss the wonderful views, the ancient castles, the neolithic stones, I would just miss the magic of here too much.


  1. So sorry this one is causing difficulty but I hope you can work through it. It is just a spectacular design and your fabric choices are lovely. I just love this quilt!

  2. Oh this is a stunning quilt Sally! I just love it and can't wait to see more of it.

    I haven't had a dog for over 15 years now, since our beloved mastiff died. But I do dog sit our 'grand dog'(which is also a mastiff) and it really does get me out of the house and I've been thinking about how important that 'non' exercise 'exercise' is...and I think I'll have to consider another dog in the next few years to keep me active. At the moment I travel too much but when I do stop, I will have to look into it. It will have to be a much smaller and less demanding dog so I'm thinking about that too.

  3. How frustrating for you! Hope that you manage to sort out the lining up issue quickly - the quilt looks amazing so far!

    You have moved to a lovely part of the country. I guess that there are compromises wherever we choose to live!

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous, Sally! I hope you can work through the problem and get the borders applied with ease.

    And I'm enjoying the pictures of your travels. The scenery is beautiful.

  5. How exasperating - hope something will click this time and you find the reason it's misbehaving.

  6. Beautiful applique, love the photo's. I was lucky enough to take a trip to the UK last year and loved visiting the castle's and seeing all the history.

  7. You will just HAVE to find a way of beat it into submission, Sally, if it doesn't want to do it the normal way! It is absolutely stunning, and it will make a wonderfully beautiful quilt!
    Where we live is similar to where you live, and I love the magic too!