Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It's all in the detail. (or how to go quietly mad.....)

I have been quilting this for over a week now with not a tremendous amount to show. Today and yesterday I have been doing the basket weave fabric. With the extra layer of trapunto underneath it looks amazing. I should get the last flower pot finished today.

 The weave is quite small.

It is extra difficult to freely move a quilt when someone decides to sleep on the side of it.

Eventually, after a few hours, I got him to move off and onto his temporary bed.

But then I needed to leave the studio for a few seconds.
By this time it was 7pm and I gave up for the night.


  1. LOL! Sally, it's difficult enough at times to quilt on a domestic machine, without "hangups" like yours. ;) But such a cute one he is!

  2. Those baskets are amazing. It would be interesting to know how you do the weaving part. Are you back tracking at the small vertical weaves? I so admire your work.

    1. Yes and the thread is so very fine it is difficult to see the backtracking. Not a lot to show for two days work.

  3. Sally, I am always amazed at the wonderful results you get with your sewing machine!

  4. Wow, those baskets look fantastic. I love this quilt and your quilting is perfect for it!

  5. That trapunto is looking wonderful,Sally. Now that my cat is no longer with us, I really miss her sleeping on my I was quilting! Loved these pics

  6. Oh my, that quilt is going to look gorgeous! How nice that you have a helper.

  7. The baskets are really stunning! Keep up the work, you'll get an amazing quilt in the end :)

  8. It looks lovely. Cute helper. I use to have one that helped that way too.