Friday, 20 March 2015

Progress update

I would love to say I got loads done but that would be a lie. Having said that I have put in more hours than it looks like.....
I did have an interuption, my husband had eye surgery this week and that went well for him (brave man) but I didn't sleep for more than two and a half hours in an hotel the night before and that has knocked me out until today.
We had a partial eclipse in the UK and Europe today. My photos were not wonderful so I shall not bore you with them.
So I have two and a half rows of the stars stitched.

And I am surprised with how little difference there is between my last blog photo of the back and this one. It should look like so much more with so many hours....
 I could have done something just as effective but so much easier to stitch in tight spaces. Lesson learned.
And just because we feel the spring in the air, some lovely tulips.

Don't you love the jug? A little treasure I got in an antique shop. On the route to not having stuff which is neither useful or loved, I made a pact with myself to throw out vases of the same volume in the cupboard. And I did.


  1. I like how you made your stars all from one fabric rather than the two. I'm almost done making my stars, but I did them with the two fabrics. We're both getting closer.

  2. Your stars are wonderful and your quilting, too. Lovely little jug! Spring is on it's way here, too. Can't wait :)

  3. I like your little stars a lot, and the photo of your quilting from the back is amazing! No wonder it takes a while if you're producing something this lovely.

  4. Your quilt will be great. Lovely colours!