Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Festival of Quilts 2015 Part 2 (update)

Another quilt which took my eye in the two person section was this one of cotton squares called Kisses For My Daughter by Donna Cumming and Carol Fearson of NZ.
Silk dupion revealed by fabric manipulation of black cotton. The bright silks just sing in the black cotton.

A lovely double wedding ring quilt done purely in machine quilting.  I was told this was not computer driven but freehand.  Loved it. (which makes me even more miserable for not having a photo of the label. Many thanks Sue Watters and to  Lyn Armstrong of QGBI who not only sent me the name of the quilter, Sandy Chandler and the name of the quilt, Juno but also I couple of more photos.

A version of Sue Garman's Ladies of the Sea, made by Jackie Field. This is a lovely quilt design, it is a shame when the show organisers do not credit the designer. Not even in the catalogue.

This one by Annelize Littlefair clearly gives credit to the designer.

And sometimes the back is as good if not better than the front......


  1. I've seen that first quilt in a magazine but no close-up so I had no idea of its construction nor of the quilting. Not even sure I realized there was silk involved. Thought it an incredible and incredibly gorgeous quilt then, think even more so now. Appreciate the posting.

  2. Sally - Thanks for the acknowledgement; it is always appreciated!
    Sue Garman

  3. Hi Sally, the wedding ring quilt is Sandy Chandlers of The Quilting Company Cornwall.
    Loved lots of the quilts this year a good standard I felt.

  4. Isn't it up to the quilter to acknowledge the pattern source on their entry form, not the show organizers? The organizers can only print the info provided by the quilt maker.

  5. How I wish I could have seen these myself, just lost in them. I especially love the wedding quilt, that would have been a wonderful sight in person. Not surprised that designers aren't being credited, it's a growing trend I'm afraid.

    I'm not happy to see many 'copy' quilts cropping up in shows lately also, it's just something that's happening right now, but that's another issue!