Thursday, 6 August 2015

I would like to say I got loads of

quilting done in my absence from blogging, but that would be a lie. Tennis. I blame the tennis. I have a TV in my studio but is a square one and I just miss too much on it. And I put my back out which lost me 10 days...... excuses excuses excuses.
This is where I was up to in June. That 2nd border took some time, not as much as the centre background but it is a far greater area. I did get it finished in July.
The marking of the outer border was a task all of it's own.

It takes a whole day to quilt above and below and in one elipse in the outer border and there are 8 elipses on each side.
On a lovely note we had a posh champagne afternoon tea at Llangoed Hall.

Definitely a sign of a posh place when they have a helipad. lols


  1. It is no fun machine quilting with your back hurting. I have had to learn to pace myself. Your quilt is coming along beautifully. The tea looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Another heirloom in the making. You have your "Patience Angel Wings" in the making/almost finished.
    Breathtaking work Sally.And are using a pussy to hold the work in place?

    Cath Bowd

  3. Love love the quilting border you are doing, it may be taking a long long time but it is so beautiful. Not sure which is the most beautiful that lovely lass or the flowers???? Hugs Glenda